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Anne Earley - the voice of So Altrincham

I moved to the Altrincham area at the tender age of 18 months, was educated here and returned to live, work and bring up my own children. My first Saturday job was at Cousin Thelma’s on the corner of Central Way, progressing to Clifford Turner Shoe Shop (anyone else remember that?!) on Stamford New Road and then Marks and Spencer’s. I now have teenagers and twenty-teens working in various restaurants and shops in Altrincham so the tradition continues!  

Over the last few years, I have been involved in various local projects including My Altrincham – I did some focus groups in local high schools as part of the Youth Consultation into the Altrincham Town Plan; some litter picking with the fantastic Our Altrincham – tidying up after the Greater Manchester Marathon and recently some social media work with Open Studios for the brilliant Hidden Studios exhibition in July.

Having lived in Altrincham for so long I have certainly seen the town go through many changes and some difficult times but I really can’t remember a better time than this. Altrincham is thriving! So much is going on in terms of retail, entertainment, housing and business development that it is hard to keep up!

I want So Altrincham to reflect and support the fantastic work that is going on all over Altrincham and the energy that makes it such a dynamic and exciting place to live and work. If you feel the same, please get in touch.


Anne Earley

So Altrincham Local Editor

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