Secret Santa at the Market

Secret Santa arrives at Altrincham Market

Growing from strength to strength, Altrincham market is a hive of activity. The award-winning market has an abundance of stalls that provide the local residents, and customers from further afield with a wide variety of produce and treasures. 

What we forget about Altrincham Market though, is that most of the stalls are actually small independent businesses, run by talented, hard working individuals, who have a close bond and support each other as much as possible.

We discovered today, that these talented folk have opted to do a "Secret Santa" this year, but it's no ordinary Secret Santa! Organised by Jacqui, from @ChicJacqui, and with a little Elf help from Steven, @vh_interiors.

They want it to benefit other people too. The participating market traders have to make a £5 donation per stall to take part in the festivities. The total amount raised by the participating stall holders, will then be donated to Altrincham Markets favoured charity, Reverse Rett. It's a charity that means a lot to the market management and subsequently to the market traders too who seem to have a family bond.

That's not the only twist Mrs Claus aka Jacqui, has up her sleeve though! The Secret Santa presents are only allowed to be bought from within Altrincham Market or the Market House! 

So this year, Altrincham Market has a co-operative style Secret Santa, that not only benefits a great charity, but also encourages buying local and supporting small businesses from within the market! 


Genius idea Mrs Claus!

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