Free Cakes for Kids Trafford

Every child deserves a birthday cake

Every now and then So Altrincham meets a local person who is doing something so simple but so amazing for the community that it makes us stop and think ‘what a great idea – why doesn’t everyone know about this?’

Meeting Avril, Trafford Co-ordinator of Cakes for Kids, was one such moment. Cake for Kids is a national charity which pairs enthusiastic home bakers with families who cannot afford a birthday cake for their children. Avril, who lives in Altrincham, read an article about Cakes for Kids in London about three years ago. Inspired to get involved she discovered that the nearest branches were in Stockport, Didsbury and Macclesfield so she established the Altrincham branch which now serves the whole of Trafford.

There are now 35 bakers across Trafford working with Avril and they have produced over 180 cakes over the last three years. Families can self-refer to the charity but are often referred by agencies such as Trafford Housing Trust, Trafford Domestic Abuse Services or Trafford Assist.

Bakers are given brief details of the child – their age, gender and the sort of cake that they may like. Avril says that ‘Frozen’ cakes are the most popular! Ninety nine percent of the time the bakers can make the cake requested although there have been some challenges, for example, a child who really wanted a bin lorry cake!


If you are interested in offering your baking skills or know a child who may miss out on a birthday cake please contact Avril via the Cake for Kids Trafford Facebook page.


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