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The Bowdon-based children’s cancer research charity receives generous donation

A Bowdon-based children’s cancer research charity, Friends of Rosie, has started 2017 with a bang after receiving news of a legacy donation worth upwards of £200,000. A York man, Mr. Phillip Leeman, bequeathed his property in central York to the local children’s charity. Despite having no immediate connection to the charity, Mr. Leeman was keen that the value of his estate was used after his death for a cause that gave great benefit to others.

Friends of Rosie provide start-up funding to local Manchester medical and scientific institutions to help children’s cancer research projects get off the ground. Friends of Rosie Trustee, Anne Irwin said, “We are astonished and extremely grateful for this extraordinarily generous donation to our charity. Children’s cancer research is a costly and time consuming business, with an average start-up project costing around £70,000 to fund for just one year. In addition, if a project shows particular promise, we then look to fund a further year to give the researchers more results to use as evidence to attract large pharmaceutical or national charity backing, with the hope of leading to a new clinical trial.

Anne Irwin Charity Trustee

Anne Irwin, Friends of Rosie Trustee

“With that in mind, Mr. Leeman’s legacy donation will help us to fund the equivalent of around three projects. Projects which we hope could make all the difference to the way children with cancer are diagnosed and treated.”

When five-year-old Rosie Larkin lost her battle against cancer in 1991, her family and friends were determined to carry on the fight to help other children affected by cancer. They set up Friends of Rosie in Bowdon, an independent charity dedicated to raising money for research in Manchester into the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer.

As a volunteer-led charity, almost every penny raised is used as start-up funding for cancer research projects in Manchester. Most of these research projects would never get off the ground without the charity’s support and many go on to be funded by national cancer research charities as a result. Friends of Rosie strongly believes that the key to cure is research and, with their supporters, they raise money in and around Manchester for this underfunded and vital area of research.

For more details look at their website here.

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