WELLness Walk

WELLness Walk in Altrincham

What would £120 buy? Any number of things but nothing as life giving, surely, as the construction of a well for a community living without safe water?  Joan Scott, Director of Learning at Trafford College, is looking for volunteers to take part in a ‘WELLness  Walk’ in Altrincham on 7th May 2017. If you can pledge to raise £120 for your walk, then you can pay for the cost of a new well.

The WELLness project is being organised by the charity Wateraid. Wateraid’s mission is to provide clean water and hygenic toilet facilities to communities all over the world. The fact is that 650 million people live without safe water. Every day 1400 children die from diarrhoea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation, that's over 500, 000 each year.

Water is life.

Joan writes, “A while ago I remember seeing a cartoon where a little boy from a developing country looks on incredulously at a child from the developed world, and says '....so your water is so clean, that you poo in it? ‘ ( or words to that effect !) ...it sounds crazy that the water we flush in our toilets is much, much cleaner than the water many people drink each day. We are so lucky to be able to bathe, swim, float, exercise and relax in water that is sparkling clean, whereas millions of people are drinking unsafe water and dying as a result’

Joan worked in the spa industry for many years and she is very aware of how we use water to enhance our feelings of wellbeing. She writes “The benefit of this ‘WELLness Walk’ is that whilst you're walking with friends and enhancing your own health and wellbeing, you are also providing clean water for those in real need across the globe. Together we can fund the building of wells for those that are dying from unclean water - giving a real meaning to the term 'wellness'.” Joan’s aim is to raise enough money through the walk to build 20 wells.                                                                

The walk will start and finish in Altrincham from 11am on Sunday 7th May 2017. To register email Joan at  joanscottie7@gmail.com.



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