Aura Music Academy

From the cello to the clarsach - Aura Musica Academy has the instrument for you

Beth Crockett, a recent graduate from the Royal Northern College of Music, has just opened the Aura Music Academy on Lloyd Street. The four storey building has been completely refurbished including a great deal of sound proofing to protect the neighbours! Beth chose Altrincham as it already has such a vibrant music scene with the other music schools, live music at the Market House and the Goose Green music festival.

The mission of the Academy is offer high class tuition in a fun environment and it will be offering classes in a wide variety of instruments including piano, cello, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute, clarsach (a mini-harp), guitar and brass.  The Academy’s team of nine part-time tutors are also professional performers. Beth is keen to emphasise the advantage to students of having lessons from highly trained, inspirational musicians who are also currently playing with local orchestras. Lessons are 1:1 although joint/group sessions can be arranged.


The benefits of learning an instrument for children in terms of developing self-discipline and concentration are well documented. Beth believes that maths and literacy skills are also improved and that learning music is similar to learning another language with the same potential for developing brain power. An added bonus of learning an instrument is that it gets children away from those ever present screens!

Although music classes are often seen as an activity for children, Beth believes that it is never too late to learn an instrument. A recent study shows that 70% of adults wish that they had learned an instrument when they were younger. The Academy already has several mature students who see it see it as a great form of relaxation, an opportunity to get away from everything and achieve something just for themselves.

Beth would also like to offer a music appreciation group for adults who are interested in finding out more about certain genres of music in a relaxed social environment. The groups would be lead by tutors and would provide the opportunity for listening to live music and discussion. A book club but with music perhaps!

The Academy’s work is not just centred on the premises and it will be spreading its musical message through workshops in primary schools in Lymm and Altrincham this term. Beth is keen to hear from any other schools who may be interested in getting involved.

The Academy currently occupies only one of the available four floors.  Beth intends to extend throughout all the floors including the basement which will be a recording studio. The studio will be rented out to artists for recording and rehearsal and Beth hopes to offer recording parties for budding young performers. Beth is thinking really big and future developments include franchising  Aura Music Academy with academies across the North West.

 For more details of classes please visit , phone 0161 941 1554 or email or follow on Twitter @auramusicuk.

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