Dungeons & Dragons comes to Altrincham

A new Dungeons & Dragons Group is launching in Altrincham

A new Dungeons & Dragons, or DnD group has started in Altrincham. The first session will be on Friday the 24th of March from 6.30 until 8.30pm at the Open Studios in the centre of Altrincham.

 DnD is a popular roleplaying game, played with pen and paper, and is accessible to anyone with a good imagination. The players create a character then go on an adventure through a fantasy world created by the game leader, more commonly called the Dungeon Master.

The Dungeon Master and organiser of the new group is 17 year old James Crofton from Hale. After searching without success for a local DnD group, James decided to start his own. James is a self-described introvert, and expects other introverts will be attracted to the group, although extroverts are also welcome! Players should be between 15 and 18 years old.

Currently there are 5 slots available for players, who must register on Eventbrite here.

Tickets are free but players are asked for a donation of £2 to cover costs.

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