Stubborn Mule Brewery

Altrincham's micro brewery thinks big.

Update: From Banking to Brewing - the story of Stubborn Mule Brewery will take place at altspace on Thursday 22nd June at 6.30pm. Tickets available from Eventbrite here.


Stubborn Mule Brewery is housed in Radium House, a former iron foundry premises on Bridgewater Road in Broadheath, backing onto the canal. Ed Bright, founder of Stubborn Mule, is an unlikely brewer as until August 2016 he was working at the Bank of New York in Manchester. However, he had always brewed his own beer from his shed at home in Timperley and he saw the development of this hobby into a business as a flexible way of working to  give him more time with his young family. Poppy, Ed’s youngest was born in September 2016 and already has an ale named after her!

It has been a steep learning curve for Ed, scaling up from shed based production to a microbrewery in a matter of months. Chemistry, plumbing and marketing are all new territory for him. He has done his research though and has had support from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)  who discovered him on Twitter and sent a Brewery Liaison Officer round. CAMRA held their Annual General Meeting in the brewery in October and recorded a record AGM attendance for the event!

Stubborn Mule beers are on sale in Altrincham at Riddles, Mort Subite and Market House and have also been available at a few local beer festivals. They already have a high profile locally due to their taste and quality, obviously, but also because of the distinctive labels designed by Sale based Designers Up North  which reflect the name of the brewery so effectively!

Stubborn Mule Brewery produces four ales

Ed makes a point of using fresh high quality ingredients that are sourced as close to home as possible. The brewery makes four beers currently;

Pre Prohibition Cream Ale 5.5% is a light beer, made with honey, its fresh, crisp and not too hoppy.

Single Hop IPA 5.7% has typically been made with Amarillo hops from America but this beer will be used to showcase lots of hop varieties from all over the world

Original Chocolate Stout 5.8% is made with chocolate nibs and cocoa powder from The Unicorn organic grocery in Chorlton.

WA15 Magnum Red IPA is a darker, Eastern US influenced IPA. It contains crystal malt and honey which makes it darker than the usual IPA. And lots of hops!

Unlike many beers,  Stubborn Mule bottled beers are vegan friendly. As part of the brewing process beers need to be clarified. Many brewers achieve this using Isinglass, a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. Ed uses a crash cooling process by which the beer is subjected to very low temperatures causing the yeast, proteins and other solids in the beer to clump together, become heavier and eventually fall to the bottom of the beer as a sediment which can then be removed.  Ed is also keen to keen to experiment with gluten free beers.

Ed really wants to get people into the brewery so that they can see the process as well as taste the beers. He met Steve Cadwell of the WAXI water taxi service on a business accelerator programme – Entrepreneurial Spark - and together they have plans to take advantage of the brewery’s location on the canal to put on beer tours, with the WAXI taking people to and from Manchester to the brewery. 

Stubborn Mule is one of the sponsors of the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival at GMEX from the 19th to the 22nd of January. Ed will be there on the 19th, so go along to say hello and try some real Altrincham craft beer!

Ed is one of the sponsors of the Beer and Cider Festival in Manchester 

The brewery has an opening event on Sunday 22nd January which the Mayor of Altrincham has kindly agreed to attend. Expect pre-prohibition style dress to go along with some of the US-Influenced beers! For more information have a look at the website here

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