Luxe Beauty and Wellness

Altrincham's newest beauty salon

Lyndsey Carlisle is the owner of Luxe and Beauty and Wellness, the newest addition to Altrincham’s thriving beauty business community.  Having started her career in Preston and worked there for nearly a decade, Lyndsey came to Greater Manchester three years ago, working in a salon in Timperley before establishing Luxe Beauty and Wellness above Sands Hairdressers on Greenwood Street. Why Altrincham? Lyndsey says that she felt that the town would be a good place to do business because of its high profile on social media. She is particularly excited to have found a location for her salon in the Old Market Quarter and is looking forward to the development of residential units in the town centre as she believes that this will be great for business.

High above the bustle of the market, Lyndsey welcomes both female and male clients into a quiet and calm space decorated wwith a soft palette of dove grey, silver and cream. Lyndsey specialises in Crystal Clear facials – a form of microdermabrasion which leaves the skin clearer and plumper, reducing the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, acne scars and pores. but with no downtime required.

Lyndsey offers the all-important brow grooming, with tinting and shaping being one of her most popular services. Clients can also buy Mii Cosmetics to perfect their brows between visits. She can also help in the war against unwanted hair in other areas with the innovative Waxu system. Lyndsey explains that Waxu wax remains flexible allowing the procedure to be carried out quickly and relatively painlessly. Perfect hands and nails are created with manicures and pedicures by the world leading Jessica natural nail care system and that perfect tan can be achieved with the Vita Liberata luxury tanning system .  Lyndsey’s future plans for the salon include offering a range of complementary therapies like massage, reflexology and hot stones.

Lyndsey has a holistic view of beauty and believes that it comes from within, with good diet and a healthy life style being the best foundation for a glowing skin. Bearing in mind the sudden arrival of chilly morning and evenings she has kindly offered So Altrincham some tips to maintain health and beauty during the winter months.

Lyndsey’s Luxe Beauty and Wellness Advice for Winter

Increase your moisturiser As the seasons change so should your skincare routine. Switch your light lotion for a more intensive cream to lock in moisture and help protect the skin from the unforgiving cold weather. Take control with Crystal Clear Skin Brightening Complex and restore your natural radiance.

Use Sunscreen – it isn’t just for summer Regardless of the weather an SPF should be worn every day (even in winter!) 80% of skin damage is caused by UV Rays and without this crucial step in your daily routine the rest would be pointless. Studies show that using a minimum of SPF30 everyday slows the ageing process by an amazing 24%!.

Exfoliate Exfoliation is another important step in your skincare regime as it allows your moisturiser to be more effective. Give your skin a boost this winter with a Deluxe Crystal Clear Mircrodermabrasion Facial. The treatment will deeply exfoliate removing 3-5 layers of dead skin cells, even out tone and reveal an instantly smooth glowing complexion.

Boost your skin from within! I am a true believer that you are what you eat and that through diet and supplements you can improve the appearance of your skin. Vitamin C is very important. This highly powerful antioxidant will not only keep your skin glowing and promote collagen production, it also supports your immune system! Good food sources - kiwi fruit, raspberries, oranges and spinach. Omega 3 & 6 - These essential fatty acids greatly benefit the skin by regulating our natural oil production to boost hydration. Good Food sources - Kale, sardines and walnuts

Luxe Beauty and Wellness is open from Monday to Saturday and until 8pm on Wednesday and Thursday. Follow on twitter at @luxe_bw, Facebook Luxe Beauty and Wellness and on Instagram @luxe_beautyandwellness

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