Cuckoo Flowers by Wendy Lee

Local artist Wendy Lee is inspired by nature to produce her range of cards and prints

Local designer Wendy Lee has produced a range of handmade cards and prints inspired by nature. Originally a graphic designer, Wendy worked in branded packaging design for 23 years, specialising in whiskey and wine. After spending some time in Taiwan, Wendy returned home to live in Bowdon. Her work is inspired by the beauty of her mother Celia’s garden in Bowdon, which amongst its other glories, contains a rare cut leaf beech which is believed to be well over 200 years old.


Wendy’s prints and cards depict a range of characters that she has developed which are inspired by the flowers, trees and the changing seasons in Celia’s garden. For example, Spike – the most popular character - is a design based on thistles, Forest on fir cones, acorns and oak leaves, whilst Rose is a gorgeous confection of rose blooms. Wendy also creates beautiful personalised birth flower prints for example, May is a ballerina created from lilies of the valley. These make ideal presents for christenings, birthdays and other significant events.

Birthday flower ballerinas

More of Wendy’s designs can be seen on her Cuckoo Flowers Facebook page. This choice of name is significant. Wendy chose the name ‘Cuckooflowers’, because it’s commonly known as 'Lady's Smock’, and is the county flower of Cheshire.

Wendy’s designs – including Christmas cards can be found at St Vincent’s Primary School on the 2nd December. Her stock is also on sale at Didi’s Boutique on Ashley Road (above Live Louder).

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