LadyZone - for Fitness and Beauty

A heath and fitness club for women in the centre of Altrincham

LadyZone may be a little difficult to find for the first-time visitor, tucked as it is just off Goose Green. Once you have climbed the stairs, the sign on the door, ‘No Men Allowed’, signals that you are in the right place.

LadyZone manager, Steph tells me that their clients find it much less intimidating to exercise without men around. Our society scrutinises and judges women’s bodies all the time and many women find it easier to relax and exercise away from the masculine gaze. Women between the ages of 14 and 82 work out at Lady Zone. Whatever their level of fitness, everyone is supported to reach their goals in the well-equipped gym by the all-female staff. One to one personal fitness training is also available.

All clients are given a comprehensive initial assessment which tests their weight, bone density, overall body fat and visceral fat. A bespoke fitness plan is then devised for each client based on their results and their goals. The tests are repeated after a month so that clients can see their results of their hard work.

So Altrincham had recently watched a programme in which the very slender television presenter, Angela Rippon, was revealed to have high levels of visceral fat and asked Steph how this is possible? Low fat diets, it seems are not a good thing! Hurrah! ‘Eat good fat to burn fat’ is the mantra we should follow. Omega 3, fish oils, avocados all contain good fat and should be regularly consumed, according to Steph. LadyZone clients can also have a bespoke nutrition plan to support them in their quest for optimum health.

A range of aesthetic treatments are available at LadyZone. Love Lipo, for example, is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction which breaks downs fat with ultrasound. IPL is  an extensive range of advanced beauty treatments which reduce thread veins, uneven pigmentations and unwanted hair through the use of lasers.

So Altrincham was given the opportunity to have a facial examination with a Skinscope. The Skinscope uses black light and magnification to show a variety of skin imperfections that are undetectable with the naked eye, and allows the therapist to accurately prescribe products and treatments to suit the client’s needs. Oh dear, the Skinscope cannot lie and it did reveal all the freckles and sun damage that can’t be seen on the surface of the skin. It also shows dehydration as white patches. Must drink more water!!!

LadyZone is a really relaxed environment that caters to all a woman’s needs in terms of fitness and beauty. Don’t think that you need to abandon your regime when you have little ones to care for. Lady Zone has that covered too, with a safe space for children to wait for you where they are provided with refreshments and can watch TV.

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