Christine Kenny

Christine Kenny, Altrincham-based dietician and personal trainer, can help you to make positive lifestyle changes

Christine Kenny is uniquely qualified to advise on fitness, weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Not only is she a qualified personal trainer but she also has a degree in nutrition and dietetics. Christine has extensive experience of working as a dietician with patients in both the NHS and the private sector. In fact, she still works in the private sector at a specialist cancer hospital and provides locum work in community NHS clinics with patients with non-alcoholic liver disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Christine Kenny, dietician and personal trainer

However, Christine has also developed a successful private business helping people with  a wide range of clinical nutrition needs, in particular weight issues, caused by a variety of illnesses including Type 2 diabetes,  polycystic ovary syndrome and thyroid disease.

Christine’s interest in training developed after she became a fan of the gym herself. Like many women, she noticed that it was difficult to lose weight after having children. Of course, Christine was already following a healthy diet but she found that adding a gym routine, including weight training, enabled her to manage her weight.

At the same time, Christine was working with a weight loss group. She would devise diet plans for the group but realised that the diets could only do so much if the patients weren’t also exercising or increasing their activity in the way that  she had.  However, many people are not comfortable about going to the gym alone and Christine realised that if she were also able to offer a personalised training programme in addition to nutritional advice she could help patients to make real changes.

Raising levels of activity is key to weight loss and fitness

Christine qualified as personal trainer and can now offer a completely holistic approach to health, fitness and weight management. To launch her new personal training business, Christine is offering two packages at a reduced price. The packages are Weight Loss or Healthy New You. All prospective clients are offered a free no obligation telephone consultation to find out which of the programmes is right for them. An initial 30-minute face to face consultation follows, where Christine will find out about the client’s goals, current health, dietary and exercise status and formulate a plan which is based around the client and their lifestyle. The programmes involve;

Four 60-minute personal training sessions plan. Christine brings all necessary equipment with her including a step, resistance bands and dumbbells. 

  • A personalised exercise plan to perform outside the training sessions
  • A personalised nutrition plan
  • Christine’s new ‘get prepped kit’ which contains all you need to get started with your nutritional goals, including, portion guide, measures, meal ideas, meal planning, plus much more…

Christine provides all necessary equipment for training sessions

For more details please look at Christine's website here



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