Made in Cheshire - Loving What They Do!

Affordable Services for Any Size of Business

The name Made in Cheshire may remind you of a certain TV franchise, renowned for its depiction of a dilettante lifestyle, but the family behind this thriving agency couldn’t be less like Binky and co!

Made in Cheshire is the name of a small business services agency offering PR, Marketing, social media, design, events management and blogging services based here in Altrincham.

The business is home based and each member of this talented trio has skills to contribute. Daniel builds websites for clients.  Jacinta is the wordsmith. An inveterate blogger herself, Jacinta teaches the art to others and writes copy for websites, press releases – whatever is required by clients. Julia, who originally worked in corporate finance, creates the social graphics.

Jacinta is also developing a new type of local business networking group for women -  BusyGirl. The network will focus on socialising with a purpose and will appeal to women who want to share skills, ideas and experience in a supportive ‘gang’. It may involve yoga sessions, café meet ups – or whatever the group decides! Jacinta wants to take a fresh approach and to develop a networking model that is as far from the formal networking meeting as possible. The network will also have an online dimension with downloadable goal planners, for example.  

BusygGirl will launch in January. Register now on the website and look out for the #girlgang on social media.

The trio’s passionate approach to their business is expressed by the strapline on their website ‘Helping you do what you love by doing what we love’. Of course, this mix of creativity and entrepreneurial experience means that Made in Cheshire is particularly well placed to advise smaller companies and start-ups. The agency offers a boutique approach and clients can select a bespoke package of services that suit their requirements – and their budget! Made in Cheshire is sympathetic to the financial realities of starting a business having done it themselves. For example, some clients choose to commission an ‘all singing all dancing’ website whilst others prefer to take advantage of a cost effective option like Clickspace , a one page website for start-ups at £50 a go.

Made in Cheshire has a great client base in Altrincham but are also expanding around the region. The day that So Altrincham met Jacinta she was rushing off to a meeting in Chester. Find them at  - their own website is a great advertisement for their combined talents!

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