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Jules Floristry - a fantastic first six months for this new Broadheath based business

Photo by Amy Louise Photography

Julie Pyle of Broadheath based Jules Floristry is one of those brave people who gave up the 9 to 5 to pursue a passion. In Julie’s case, she gave up her career in office management after twenty years to retrain as a florist. Julie completed a course in Floristry and began her new venture in June. She certainly hasn’t chosen a cushy number. On the day that we met she had been up before six to collect her flowers from the flower market.

Julie used social media, particularly Instagram to promote herself and quickly had a response. Very early on she was approached by another So Altrincham favourite, Amy Bellamy of Amy Louise Photography , to style the flowers for a modelling shoot at Nunsmere Hall in Cheshire.

Julie's arrangments for her first styling shoot at Nunsmere Hall

This Christmas, Julie has produced wreaths in traditional styles with fruit and berries. However, her signature style is more contemporary. She combines four types of eucalyptus with its fresh but calming fragrance. She adds Brunia with its white berries, blue steel berries and Eryngium with its little thistles. The resulting wreaths have a vintage industrial vibe.

As Christmas approached Julie promoted her wreaths via social media and they proved very popular immediately. She leafleted her own apartment blog in the late autumn but it was only when she was taking her fragrant wreaths down in the lift to deliver them elsewhere that her fellow residents recognised the talents of their neighbour and started placing orders.

Julie has some tips for keeping natural wreaths fresh. Spray them every 3 or 4 days – unless of course they are on your front door and getting regularly rained on!

Julie's Christmas wreaths

From the beginning, Julie has been involved with the charity ‘Gift of a Wedding’ which organises weddings for people who are terminally ill. The charity sources everything needed for the ceremony many of which take place in hospital and at short notice. Julie has supplied the flowers for a few weddings including one where she provided button holes, corsage and bouquets in Manchester City colours.

We love flowers at So Altrincham but are often disappointed at how quickly they fade. Julie gave us some tips for making them last longer. Firstly, snip the stalks on a slant, placing them in clean water with plant food. Repeat every couple of days and most importantly, make sure there are no leaves below the water line as they rot and make the water smell.

Julie has achieved a huge amount in her first six months of business. She is now planning and putting ideas together for the wedding season in the spring and summer. Jules Floristry will also be the place to go for beautiful Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts.

Julie will be launching her website in January which is being designed by Altrincham based Made in Cheshire. For now find her on Facebook here.

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