Amanda Jane Heywood

Timperley's shy diva

It was a delight to meet Amanda Jane Heywood recently.  You may have spotted this Timperley based singer at various charity concerts in the Altrincham area  or even on Breakfast TV this morning! This Saturday ,3rd June, Amanda Jane will be singing in the Big Top at Irlam Live.

Amanda Jane is a latecomer to the world of performance. She comes from a creative family with an illustrator mother, music teacher grandfather and an interior designer daughter. Whilst working in various careers including graphic design and beauty, Amanda Jane somehow managed to keep her amazing soulful voice under wraps.

It is hard to believe now when you watch her powerful and emotional performances but Amanda Jane was a shy child. For years, her singing was confined to the shower and the idea of performing in public terrified her. However, Amanda Jane’s husband, Malcolm, was a rock photographer in a previous career and he was confident that Amanda Jane had as much talent as many of the musicians and singers he had photographed. With his encouragement, Amanda Jane first sang in public three years ago at a charity event at the Stamford Arms in Bowdon for the Stroke Association.

Amanda Jane appearing on BBC Breakfast to promote Irlam Live

Amanda Jane has now become a regular at open jam sessions at Matt and Phred’s on Tib Street in Manchester and on the Altrincham live music scene. She has performed at another concert at The Stamford Arms for Marie Curie. A performance at Old Trafford for the Prince’s Trust led to a booking at last year’s Irlam Live and the opportunity to work with some amazing acts. Amanda Jane sang on Soul Saturday on the same bill as such iconic acts as Billy Ocean and ASWAD. On this occasion, this self-confessed shy girl sang in front of 5 000 people. How does she do that?! Amanda Jane says that she focuses on the song and not the size of the audience and thinks of her emotions as excitement rather than nerves.

Amanda Jane will be at this weekend’s Irlam Live. Artists including  Osyssey, Alexander O Neal and Jason Donavon will have the pleasure of working alongside our local soul diva. Tickets are available here.

Future opportunities to hear Amanda Jane sing include Hale Barns Festival where she will be performing with an orchestra. She will also be at Altrincham Market on Father’s Day as part of Altrincham Fringe Festival. Have a look at the Fringe Facebook page here to choose which song you would like Amanda Jane to sing for your dad! There will be another opportunity to hear her at Goose Green festival in Altrincham.

With her performing career well underway, Amanda Jane has turned to writing her own songs. She has also written and recorded her own song, a tribute to her late sister. She is currently looking for a producer to complete the recording and her ambition is to make the track available online.

For more information about Amanda Jane have a look at her Facebook page here.

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