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Hat entrepreneur, Sarah Whitfield, has set up an exciting business in Altrincham

So Altrincham received an invitation to a very glamorous event in Altrincham recently. A Fizz, Felt and Fedora evening at the beautiful home of Sarah Whitfield, better known as the owner of the Titfers by Nest .–  the place to go for contemporary hats.  Hats are a tricky accessory for many o us. If a woman wears a stylish hat she will be looked at -  so she better look good!  The first time we met Sarah she was wearing a striking fedora, this evening she modelled a perky Fiddler’s Cap. This is a woman who can carry off a hat with aplomb!  

Stylish guests model Sarah's hats at her Fizz, Felt and Fedora evening

Searching unsuccessfully for a hat for the Chester races a couple of years ago, Sarah realised that there was a gap in the market. Between top end designer and, well, nothing really, the choice for women looking for a great hat is limited. Few of us wear a hat daily nowadays but a posh day at the races, a wedding, a bar mitzvah or a fancy ‘do’ can throw us into a panic. If you are lucky enough to receive an invitation to a Buckingham Palace garden party or plan to go to Royal Ascot you should know that hats are compulsory at both!

Sarah, a former fashion manager with Hobbs, Zara and Arcadia, decided to solve this problem herself. Sarah’s neighbours report seeing numbers of intriguing boxes arriving next door. The mystery was solved when Sarah explained that she was setting up a millinery business in her loft conversion and the wonderfully-named ‘Titfers by Nest’ was born! The memorable name is derived from cockney rhyming slang – tit for tat – hat! The nest is a reference to the fact that the business is based in Sarah’s home.

Sarah's stunning company logo

Titfers offers a growing collection of over 300 handpicked headpieces for hire or purchase. Customers can choose from berets in luscious colours, pill boxes, feathery and frou frou fascinators, trilbys, fedoras and fabulous knitted hats with HUGE poms poms. Perchers and hatinators also feature. Both are new to So Altrincham and we asked for a definition. A hatinator is a hat on band, it seems, whilst a percher is a small hat which ‘perches’ and is secured in place with invisible elastic.

Sarah’s focus is on contemporary pieces that are current and exciting. She stocks 300 plus headpieces. Designs by Nigel Rayment, Whiteley, Failsworth, William Chambers, Philip Treacy, Rachel Black Millinery, Kate Hill Headdresses and Gemma J Millinery. Most hats hire out between £25- £80, and from £35 - £550 if you would like to buy. 


Titfer's has more than 300 hats in the collection

Titfers hats have travelled extensively and have appeared at Buckingham Palace, Henley Regatta, Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood (in the winner's enclosure! ), Babington House and at events in Florence, Dubai, New York and Tasmania. You may even have seen some of Sarah’s hats in the society pages of various publications but she couldn’t possibly comment!

Sarah's hats go the the all best events!   

Titfers is all about personal service.  Sarah’s mission is to make her clients feel and look good for their special occasion and she has established a reputation for helping customers who need a hat in a hurry. Sarah even lends all her clients a courtesy umbrella. Hats are sensitive creatures and a Manchester shower could cause serious damage. Sarah’s umbrellas are transparent, of course, so the fabulous hat can still be seen!

Clients can come for an appointment in the afternoon or evening from Monday to Friday. The company website http://www.titfersbynest.uk/ showcases the beautiful range offered. In February, the site will be updated with the 2017 collection.

Nationwide delivery can be arranged for customers who know exactly what they want. Give Sarah a call or a text on 07976 671946 for a chat about your outfit and special event or email her at titfersbynest@yahoo.com


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